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Intergroup Governance Documents

At intergroup (IG), we serve according to the principles of the Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts of OA Service.


OA Melbourne Intergroup Inc. is required to have a rules/governance document that outlines who we are and how we operate: The Intergroup Bylaws. This is a requirement set out by the OA World Service Office for all intergroups and is also a requirement of the State of Victoria for all incorporated associations. The Intergroup Conundrums and Bylaws Solutions doc is a light-hearted way for members to get to know and understand the bylaws and their value.


The Policies and Procedures Manual contains the group conscience history of the many ways IG has agreed to operate. It contains information on such topics as events, finances, the running of IG business meetings and more. 

Intergroup uses these governance documents to the benefit of us all so that we can serve together with sanity and serenity. 

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