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Personal Stories

As these member stories are sourced locally, they are not OA approved literature.
The opinions expressed in these stories are those of the individuals and not of OA as a whole.

The below documents are in Microsoft Word format (.doc).

How I overcame my distorted relationship with food weight and body image
Life without fear
A bloke’s eye view
I have found a way to live not just exist
I attend meetings because…
A newcomers perspective
The bride who ate
Recovery from morbid obesity
Was I born a compulsive overeater?

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Meeting List

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Region 10 – Where do I fit in?

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Online and Telephone Meetings

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Literature is one of the 9 Tools of recovery. We study and read OA-approved pamphlets; OA-approved books, such as Overeaters Anonymous (Second Edition), The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous and For Today; and we read Lifeline, our monthly magazine on recovery. We also study the book Alcoholics Anonymous, referred to as the ‘Big Book,’ to understand and reinforce our program. Many OA members find that when read daily, the literature further reinforces how to live the Twelve Steps.

If you wish to order literature, please email for a full list of all our publications, then complete it and send your order and payment to:

Literature Co-ordinator
GPO Box 1102J
Melbourne Vic 3001
Please allow 2 – 5 weeks for delivery.

Alternatively, you can purchase literature at meetings (please note a full selection might not be available at each meeting) or from our Head Office where all items are
on display and available for sale before or after office meetings. Please note the office is not open outside of these times. Literature purchases in person must be
made by cash only.


Overeaters Anonymous World Service office
Region 10